2024 Poster Presentations

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Paffenbarger Award Finalists

2023 Paffenbarger Posters (P1-P8)
To be presented during all 3 poster sessions (Thursday/Friday/Saturday)

P1. C Anselmi de Oliveira* Bilayered gelatin-methacryloyl scaffold for inflammation suppression and dentin-like tissue regeneration
P2. X Bai* Direct Colour Printing on Zirconia by UV-C Photons
P3. S Arbeed* Development and Characterization of an Injectable Thermosensitive and Bioactive Dentin ECM-Chitosan Hydrogel
P4. WITHDRAWN – Z Zhou* Investigation of a Novel Resin Monomer Synthesis and Its Potential in Mitigating Dental Resin Polymerization Shrinkage
P5. Y Peled* Exploring neutrophils’ degradative mechanism toward dentin and resin-based restoratives
P6. Y Li* Self-assembled nanocomposite coatings for controlled peri-implant drug delivery
P7. Y Lu* Fatigue behavior of 3D-printed dental zirconia via stereolithography
P8. N Saeed* Proteomic and 16S profile of QAM-modified surfaces

The Marshalls Postdoctoral Award Finalists

2023 Marshall Postdoctoral Posters (M1-M3)
To be presented during all 3 poster sessions (Thursday/Friday/Saturday)

M1. I de Souza Araujo* A versatile collagen-based bioink for periodontal ligament regeneration.
M2. U Mangal* Symbiotically Integrating Occlusive Membrane for Guided Regeneration of Inflammatory-Challenged Complex Tissue Defects.
M3. D Larrañaga Ordaz* Load capacity of model dental restorations under static and dynamic diametral compression.

Poster Abstracts:

2023 Abstract Listing

  Thursday 5th October – 10:30 – 12:00

    1. A Abdou*, Effect of Triethanolamine and MDP-Salt on the Bonding Performance to Zirconia.
    2. G Abe* Fabrication of a synthetic bioresorbable poly(lactic acid/caprolactone) grafting material as an alternative to autogenous connective tissue graft.
    3. M Agre* Adhesion and Mechanical Properties of Liners/Bases
    4. A Al Houch* Physical and Mechanical Properties of four 3D-Printed Resins at two Different Thick Layers: An In Vitro Comparative Study.
    5. Y Alania* Chemo-mechanical Characterization of Biomodified Caries-Affected Dentin.
    6. G Alfonzo Leon* Benefits of a self-etch-and-prime component on bonding to composite blocks.
    7. F AlMarar* The Effect of Different Adhesive Systems on Shade Matching of Composite Veneer with Different Media: An In Vitro Study
    8. WITHDRAWN – A Alshehri* Effect of Phytic Acid on Bonding of Self-Adhesive Resin Cement to Dentin.
    9. E Bordini* Gelatin methacrylate bioink with bovine bone matrix for dentin repair.
    10. MA Alves Fraga* Antimicrobial monomer for 3D-printed provisional crown: physicochemical and biological properties.
    11. S Antonson*   Evaluation of Color Stability of Universal Resin Composites.
    12. R Babaier* Effect of three bleaching treatment modes on stained polymer-based CAD/CAM materials.
    13. M Batista Rocha* Brushing and staining influence on esthetic properties of attachment composites.
    14. A Bedran-Russo* Proanthocyanidin DESIGNERs enhance the viscoelasticity properties of dentin-resin interface.
    15. R Belli * On the sensitivity of standards’ validity constraints in the SEPB method.
    16. S Block* Using ultra performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry for the evaluation of leachates in dental direct pulp capping liners.
    17. L Boaro* Dicalcium phosphate dihydrate (DCPD) nanoparticles functionalized with chlorhexidine(CHX) for dental composites.
    18. R Braga* Physicochemical Characteristics of Composites Containing CaP Particles and Hydrophilic Monomers.
    19. WITHDRAWN – L Bubnowicz* Evaluation of silver diamine fluoride in arresting carious lesions in irradiated tooth structures.
    20. I Büyükateş* Effect of Static-Aging on Depth of Cure of Resin-Composite Materials.
    21. S-Y Byun* Antibacterial properties of mesoporous silica coated with cerium oxide nanoparticles.
    22. H Cai* Evaluation of Mechanical and Biological Properties of PCL Scaffolds for GTR/GBR Produced Either by 3D Pen or FDM 3D Printer.
    23. M Capitanio* Different Endodontic Materials on Long-term Collagen Degradation.
    24. LM Cardoso* Naringenin-laden gelatin methacryloyl electrospun scaffolds for bone regeneration.
    25. I Cardoso de Carvalho* Influence of thickness on the parameters of translucency and fluorescence of direct bioactive restorative materials.
    26. C Carrera* Biocompatibility of an experimental hybrid resin-modified glass ionomer liner/base.
    27. V Cavalli* Color change and cytotoxicity of 35% hydrogen peroxide with Biosilicate.
    28. G Cervino* Screw of dental implants: A SEM preliminary Study.
    29. E Cha* Influence of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) on the shear bond strength of resin-modified glass-ionomer cement (RMGIC) and composite resin.
    30. A Comba* 5-year effect of immediate and delayed dentinal sealing bond strength.
    31. X Chen* The design and structural and functional investigations of novel chloride containing bioactive glasses bone substitutes.
    32. S Chirico* Degree of Conversion of Resin Materials Used For Endocrown Luting
    33. X Chen* Operando time-lapse X-ray diffraction tomography of dentine tubule occlusion by bioactive glasses.
    34. Y-F Chou* Release kinetics of monomers from experimental composites containing fluoride-doped calcium-phosphates.
    35. HP Chew* Sorptivity of water at the tooth-composite restoration interface with enamel microcracks.
    36. WITHDRAWN – V Christoff* Susceptibility of novel self-adhesive materials to changes in dentin mineralization.
    37. S Choi* Differentiation of iPSC for potential cell-based regenerative endodontic therapy.
    38. S-F Chuang* ToF-SIMS Analysis of Zirconia Treated by Different Grit-Blasting and Primers.
    39. G Chung* Ultraviolet light induced oleophilic properties to TiO2
    40. Y Chen* Fatigue Behaviour of Direct and CAD/CAM Indirect Restorative Materials Bonded to a Dentine Analogue Substrate.
    41. P Comeau* Adding Spearmint Oil to a Natural Varnish Tunes Antimicrobial Properties.
    42. L Corciolani* Wear and roughness analysis of two highly loaded flowable composites.
    43. L Correr-Sobrinho* Bond strength and surface roughness of pre-sintered zirconia after using different treatments with ZrO2
    44. AC da Silva* Antimicrobial glass for zirconia abutments: microbiological and pilot fatigue study.
    45. R Daabash* Ion releasing direct restorative materials: Key mechanical properties and wear.
    46. R Daher* Using enamel cusps and their exact replicas in different materials to evaluate wear behavior of dental materials.
    47. C D’Alessandro* Different post-and-core and crown materials influence stresses in premolars: FEA.
    48. WITHDRAWN – M Daou* Chemo-mechanical caries removal: an in vitro scanning electron microscopic study.
    49. L David Galvani* Cytocompatibility of Aloe Vera on stem cells from apical papilla.
    50. E de Oliveira Sousa* Mechanical characterization of an experimental bilayered zirconia system.
    51. F Del Bianco* Resin Bonding to CAD/CAM and Pressed Lithium-Disilicate after Surface Decontamination.
    52. A Delgado* Effect of Powder-Liquid Ratio and Monomer Chemistry on Rheology and Bonding of Self-Adhesive Composites.
    53. M Dormen* Comparison of surface scale changes on the intaglio surface of denture between digital and conventional impression according the stereophotogrammetric measurement.
    54. PH dos Santos* Effect of Materials Thickness and Irradiance on Resin Cements Conversion.
    55. X Du* Validation of Aligner Thickness and Tooth-Aligner Gaps measured by Optical Coherence Tomography using Micro–Computed Tomography.
    56. N Dubey* Development of Mangostin- Laden Liposome Bioink for 3D Bioprinting of Bone Tissue.
    57. D D’Urso* Bonding performance of a HEMA-free universal adhesive to dentin.
    58. M El Najjar* 10-MDP Mediated Adherence of Resin Composite Luting Agent to Rapid-Fired Zirconia – A Fracture Mechanics Approach.
    59. B Ertl* Biocompatibility of New Polyurethane-Based Polymeric Materials for Sports Mouthguard Fabrication.
    60. WITHDRAWN – S Eskandarion* Effect of layer thickness on marginal gap of 3D-printed crowns.
    61. A Falsafi* Effect of Dental Liners’ Elasticity on Cuspal-Deflection of Restorations.
    62. L Felipe Abbado de Souza* Bonding of composites for aligner attachments to the dental enamel.
    63. S Fernandes Tosta* Color match of aligner attachment composites to the tooth structure.
    64. M Turner* The use of lattice design to tune the mechanical properties of 3D-printed sports mouthguards.
    65. R Zaman* Mechanical Properties of new 3D-printed Resins Used for Sports Mouthguards.

Friday 6th October – 10:30 – 12:00

    1. J Ferracane* Filler Size Effects Surface Properties of Composites Pre-/Post-Toothbrush Abrasion, But Not Biofilm Growth.
    2. F Florenzano* Dentinal enzymatic activity of teeth restored after novel bleaching procedures.
    3. A Forte*  Bonding Performances and Histochemical Evaluation of a Novel Glass-Ionomer Cement.
    4. A Fouda* Effect of Thermocycling on Mechanical Properties of 3D-Printed Resin Materials.
    5. T Gabriel* Comparing Hydrodynamic Sizes of Solid and Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles in De-ionized Water and Cell Culture Media.
    6. I Garcia* Adhesive with TiO2 Nanotubes with Alkyltrimethylammonium Bromide for Dental Bonding.
    7. R Geng Vivanco* Protease inhibitory effect of bromelain and Biosilicate on adhesive interface.
    8. M Giannini* Composite Conversion and Microhardness Using Solid-State Laser and Short-Curing LED Units.
    9. AB Gomes de Carvalho* Melt electrowriting of bioglass-laden poly(-caprolactone) scaffolds for bone regeneration.
    10. Z Gouveia* Mechanical Characterization of Biostable Dental Restoratives and Adhesives.
    11. J Griggs* Calibration of an Open-Source Application for Measuring Fractal Surfaces.
    12. F Gutierrez Reyes* A 6-month clinical evaluation of prolonged solvent evaporation time of two universal adhesive in non-carious cervical lesions: A double-blind randomized clinical trial.
    13. L Haddad e Borro* Effect of surface treatment on mouthguards against aging by brushing hygienization and immersion in disinfectant solutions.
    14. A Han* Physical/mechanical properties and anti-fungal effects of denture base resin incorporated with cationic quaternary ammonium compounds.
    15. K Hermana Neppelenbroek* Antifungal effectiveness of mucoadhesive containing nystatin complexed with β-cyclodextrin.
    16. H Hornberger* In Vitro Testing of Degradation Behavior of Resorbable Barrier Membranes.
    17. AC Ionescu* Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles with Surface Plasmon Resonance for Improved Aesthetics and Antimicrobial Activity of Resin Composites.
    18. J-H Jang* Effect of bioactive glass supplementation on the biological properties of calcium silicate cement in human dental pulp stem cells.
    19. J Jauregui* High-power laser irradiation produces morphological changes in ultra-translucent zirconia.
    20. L Jeniffer Souza Guterres De Carvalho* UV light influence on the effectiveness of composite attachment removal.
    21. S Jin* Piezoelectric Nanogenerator Composites for Self-powered Oral Healthcare Application.
    22. U Josic* Cytocompatibility of universal resin cements on human dental pulp cells.
    23. TJP Junior* Association between mouthguard and polyamide reinforcement mesh on impact absorption in anterior maxillary region: an in vitro study.
    24. K Kantovitz* Impact of artificial aging by thermocycling on mechanical properties of a glass ionomer cement added to TiO2
    25. T Kenta* Physical-Chemical Characterization of CAD/CAM Materials with Chromatic Transition.
    26. AS Khan* In Vitro Cytotoxicity and Monomer Leaching Analyses of Dental Resin Infiltrants.
    27. H-J Kim* Effect of sodium p-toluene sulfinate (p-TSNa) activator on dentin bond strength of two different dentin adhesive.
    28. H Kopperud* Analysis of monomers in patients’ saliva following adhesive bonding of orthodontic brackets.
    29. S Kim* Research for flexural strength of advanced lithium disilicate CAD/CAM block.
    30. T Kishimoto* Bonding performance of recent self-adhesive resin cement to various substrates.
    31. MJ Kim* Comparison of the Handling Characteristics of Injectable Calcium Hydroxide Pastes.
    32. A Kunapareddy * Topography of a Fractured Monolithic Zirconia Crown – A case report.
    33. M Kury* Enamel surface and subsurface evaluation after bleaching with NF_TiO2-incorporated gels.
    34. C Kusumasari* Do Universal Adhesives Benefit from Smear-layer Deproteinization?
    35. TW Lai* Polymerization shrinkage in composite restorations by OCT images-based DIC analysis.
    36. C-H Lee* Comparison of three methods for photopolymerization kinetics measurement of composites.
    37. A Leme Kraus * Shifts in surface composition of NCCL-affected dentin and enamel.
    38. H Lee* Comparative analysis of water sorption and water solubility of Cention N.
    39. V Rosa* Effects of sterilization procedures on structural integrity of graphene nanocoating.
    40. M-Y Lee* Antibacterial Efficacy and Osteogenic Potential of MTA-based Retrograde Filling Material Incorporated with Silver Nanoparticle and Calcium Fluoride.
    41. ML Leite* Long-term photocatalytic potential of ZnO-containing dental resins.
    42. SY Lee* Effect of repeated preheating cycles on polymerization shrinkage rate and micro-hardness of three resin composites.
    43. WITHDRAWN – U Lenz* Mechanical behavior of implant abutments evaluated by computerized tomography.
    44. W Liberato* Hydric Organization in Dentin Matrix Modified by Proanthocyanidins.
    45. B Lim* Efficacy of N2 Saturated Post-curing on Color Stability of 3D-printed Resin Crowns : In-vitro Study
    46. A Lima* Cytotoxicity/cytokine release from pulp cells induced by experimental co-initiators.
    47. F Lin* Load capacity and fracture modes of instrumented tooth roots under axial compression.
    48. J Lubauer* Fatigue R-curve envelopes for new submicrometric lithium disilicates.
    49. F Lucena* Drug repurposing for glycosyl-transferase inhibition and dental biofilm disruption.
    50. X Luo* Study on Improving the Strength of SLM Pure titanium with Trace Additives.
    51. L Luri Almeida Amorim Ikejiri* Mechanical properties and bioactive potential of an experimental bulk-fill resin.
    52. M Maesako* Comparison of Discoloration in Universal Shade and Conventional Resin-based Composites.
    53. J Tsoi* Investigation on Fluorinated UDMA As BPA-Free Dental Materials.
    54. E Maier* Wear behaviour of direct and indirect RBCs using the ‘Rub&Roll’ wear machine.
    55. E Mancuso* CAD/CAM Composite Overlays Adaptation: Influence of Cement and Preparation Design.
    56. S Manzoor* Evaluation of resin bonding, physiomechanical and surface properties on 3D-printed and milled zirconia.
    57. T Maravic* Evaluation of the bonding properties of a self-adhesive restorative material.
    58. G Marchesi* Fatigue resistance of CAD/CAM and 3D-printed provisional restorations.
    59. M Marciano* Impact of cytotoxicity assessment on the analysis of premixed and powder/liquid tricalcium silicate-based sealers
    60. M Marun* Microstructural characterization and mechanical properties of a bilayer zirconia system.
    61. C Mazzitelli* Do plaque detectors influence the color stability of restorative materials?
    62. P Messer-Hannemann* Residual TPO Content of Additively Manufactured Dental Splint Materials.
    63. V Miletic* Personal protective equipment and quality of a restorative procedure.
    64. A Baldi* Accelerated fatigue testing of 3D printed occlusal veneers: Interfacial adaptation and mechanical performance.
    65. C Szczepanski * Utilizing self-complementary, multiple hydrogen-bonding site monomers to optimize adhesive networks.

Saturday 7th October – 10:30 – 12:00

    1. LC Monteiro* New In Vitro Model to Acid Erosion: A Pilot Study
    2. R Moraes* Streamlining science communication using three core components: A proposal.
    3. R Morvaridi Farimani* In vivo measurement of surface strains on orthodontic clear aligners using digital image correlation.
    4. Y Murata* Evaluation of dimensional accuracy of CAD/CAM lithium disilicate glass-ceramic blocks.
    5. F Murillo* Physicochemical interaction/bonding-enhancing effect of silane-primer on etched/non-etched glass-containing CAD/CAM materials.
    6. JG Neves* Effect of leaching Proanthocyanidin DESIGNERs over Dental Pulp Stem Cells.
    7. G Nima* Effect of polychromatism of CAD/CAM feldspathic ceramic blocks on microshear bond strength to resin cements.
    8. S Orrego* Synergistic Influence of Bacteria, Saliva, and Cyclic Forces on Dental Bonding.
    9. A Parekh* Titanium anodization to form hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate combination surfaces.
    10. YS Park* Coffee tooth discoloration and recovery using H2O2 containing tooth paste.
    11. F Pires Rodrigues* Microstructure, morphology, lattice parameters, and physical properties of a TiNbZrFe-alloy.
    12. S Poole* Influence of low-temperature degradation and different pigmentation methods on the optical and mechanical properties of monolithic zirconia.
    13. P Psuja* Challenges in Evaluating Apatite-Formation Ability of a Flowable Dental Composite.
    14. C Pucci* Adhesive system with calcium release containing bioglass
    15. T Queiroz* Impact absorption in central incisors region using nylon mesh reinforced mouthguards: 3D non-linear finite element analysis.
    16. JP Rangel Coelho* Does glass ionomer cement containing titanium dioxide nanotubes influence expression of immune-inflammatory markers?
    17. F Reis* Microhardness of 3D-Printed Composites: Effect of Storage.
    18. F Rizzante* Are physical and mechanical properties of 3D printed resins dependent on the 3D printer?
    19. M Roach* EBSD-based Characterization of Deformation Mechanisms in Dental Zirconia.
    20. C Rocha Gomes Torres* GIC luting cements on the clinical performance of ceramic crowns.
    21. H Lee* Influence of sintering time on light transmittance and fracture toughness of dental zirconia.
    22. A Rosa Costa Correr* Effect of adding arginine at different concentrations to experimental and commercial orthodontic resins – adhesive and microbiological analyses.
    23. T Rossi* The role of polymerization protocols in marginal adaptation and degree of conversion of glass ceramic crowns cemented with a universal dual-curing cement.
    24. J Durack* Ion release from an Experimental Liner/Base.
    25. B Sahadi* Evaluation of flavonoid-based primer applications on caries-affected dentin.
    26. EE Säilynoja* Margin Quality of Experimental Short Fiber-reinforced CAD/CAM Composite Restorations.
    27. M Salah* Characterization of Remineralized Artificial Enamel Lesion using SEM.
    28. SM Salazar Marocho* Reversible bonding promoter for zirconia structures – Pilot research.
    29. I Salim * Solvents effect on pushout bond strength of resin-modified calcium silicates.
    30. AAS Salim* Effect of polar solvents-containing pretreatments on pushout bond strength of mineral trioxide aggregate.
    31. A Samran* The Influence of Post Material and Ferrule Thickness on the Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Premolars. A Laboratory Study.
    32. S Sauro* Bonding and interfacial adaptation of an innovative bulk-fill restorative system.
    33. M Schroeder* Influence of thickness and shade of lithium disilicate ceramic on transmittance and degree of conversion of resin cement.
    34. Y-B Seo* Antifungal denture base resin with zinc-doped mesoporous silica nanoparticles.
    35. G Seon* Efficacy of Arginine-Glycine-Aspartic Acid and Phosphatidylserine on the Osseointegration of Titanium Implants.
    36. R Seseogullari Dirihan* Effect of Chondroitin Sulfate on Odontogenic Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells.
    37. WITHDRAWN – K Shekofteh* Evaluation of Physical/Mechanical Properties of an Experimental Dental Composite Modified with Zirconium-Based Metal-Organic Framework as an Innovative Dental Filler.
    38. JE Shim* Accuracy assessment of Computed Aided Rapid Prototyping model (CARP) used in autogenous tooth transplantation according to the reconstructing manners.
    39. L Singer* An experimental self-disinfection dental alginate modified using green nanotechnology.
    40. R Smith* Impact of Caries on Bonding to Dentin for RMGI Liners/Bases.
    41. I Soares* Nano-hydroxyapatite-laden polymeric fibrous scaffolds as regenerative platforms for pulp capping.
    42. R Titus* Effect of Indentation Load on Vickers’ Hardness for Thermoplastic Materials.
    43. S Tohidkhah* Thick adhesive layers promote interfacial debonding in resin-composite restorations.
    44. B Tonin* Comparative evaluation of wear patterns and treatment effects on first molars with molar-incisor hypomineralization: A split-mouth pilot study.
    45. FM Suzuki* Hydrolysis-resistant self-etching primers: dentin bond preservation after bacterial challenge.
    46. M Uctasli* Effect of Silver Fluoride Treatment on Degradation of Dentin Collagen Matrix.
    47. S Um* Modulation of Macrophage Polarization by Electrospun Polymeric Nanoparticles under Inflammatory Conditions.
    48. N Utesch* Effects of Cholesterol Esterase on Universal Shade Composites.
    49. B VanHeel* Depth Dependence of Mechanical Properties of Aligner Materials measured with Nanoindentation.
    50. N Wagner* Enhancing the mechanical properties of 3D printed dental composites.
    51. WITHDRAWN – Y Wang* Powder Recycling Times of Additively manufactured Co-Cr Alloy Influence Tribological Properties.
    52. A Willers * Evaluation of mechanical and physical properties of experimental 3D-printing resins for provisional restoration.
    53. H Wang* Static-multifunctional-coating to Prevent Infection and Enhance Osseointegration on Titanium Implant.
    54. WITHDRAWN – Z Wu* Antimicrobial Activity of Core-Shell Structured nMgO@SiO2 and Its Influence on Physical-Mechanical Properties of Resin Composites.
    55. WITHDRAWN – B Yang* A polymer vesicle-based nanoplatform with antibacterial and immunomodulatory properties to improve the immune microenvironment of periodontitis.
    56. Z Ye* Self-assembled nanocoating on titanium implant for antimicrobial and enhanced osseointegration.
    57. H-W Yoon* Evaluation of Dural Subsitutes as a Pulp Covering Material for Vital Pulp Therapy.
    58. J-H Youm* Comparing translucency measurements methods of composite resins with different shades.
    59. M Zaghi Dal Picolo* Effects of co-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles on ceramic glaze coating.
    60. M Zamora Galli* Processing of a bilayer zirconium a: microstructural and mechanical characterization.