2024 Poster Presentations

Poster Abstracts:

List of PROVISIONALLY Accepted Abstracts for 2024
Current sequence does not signify the date of presentation.  Final listing with schedule forthcoming.

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  1. Biomimetic analogues induce remineralisation of mineral-deficient dentine under simulated mastication. YF Chou, G Spagnuolo, A Tezvergil-Mutluay, JMN Martí, A Banerjee, VP Feitosa, S Sauro*
  2. Revealing the composition of metal-based restorations placed in the mouth. AJ Feilzer*, A Werner, C Kleverlaan
  3. Effect of Thickness and Sintering Mode on Impact Strength of Multi-Yttria-Layered Zirconia. BS da Cruz*, IM Lena, RMM Marinho, A Wernier, AMO Dal Piva, JPM Tribst, CJ Kleverlaan.
  4. The effect of mesoporous silica doped with Silver nanoparticles on glass ionomer cements; ion release analysis, mechanical and antimicrobial potential. SS Qasim*, M Karched, A Bumajdad.
  5. In vitro physico-mechanical evaluation of bioactive endodontic sealers. AS Khan*, A Kashaf, Almulhim, D Almuhazey, F Alonaizan
  6. Enzyme-Responsive Nanoparticles for On-Demand and Sustainable Delivery of Metalloproteinase Inhibitors. AP Fugolin*, H Bao, T Ghosh, S Rajasekaran
  7. Development and characterization of an adhesive system with the addition of curcumin anchored to nanosilica in the dentin/composite bond strength. F Pires-de-Souza*, J Raffaini, RG Vivanco, V Oliveira, E Soares, W Magalhaes, M Sinhoreti
  8. Evaluation In Vitro of Osteoblastic Cells with Different Endodontic Sealers. P Ghimenti, M Medaglia*, J Coelho, G Campos, M Sperandio
  9. Effect of lining materials on postoperative sensitivity and clinical performance of ORMOCER restorative material. A Abdalla*
  10. Compressive Resistance of Glass Ionomer Cement Incorporated of Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes Subjected to Acid Degradation. MC Bertarello, JPR Coelho*, KR Kantovitz, FMG França
  11. Degradation of Composites Containing Calcium Orthophosphate in Different Immersion Media. H Vilela, T Alves, A Campos, R Trinca, R Braga*
  12. Calcium-hydroxide with Bioactive-glass Changes Biological and Mechanical Properties of Dentin. AS Yıldızbaş, BA Uysal, ÖK Keleş, S Belli*
  13. A polymer vesicle-based nanoplatform with antibacterial and immunomodulatory properties to improve the immune microenvironment of periodontitis. B Yang*, N Xiao, Y Li, W Li, Y Wang
  14. Nanotechnology into glass ionomer influences physical-mechanical properties after chemical degradation. K Kantovitz*, JL de Castro, G Ramos, F Fernandes, JP Rangel-Coelho, É Bronze-Ulhe, F França, F Nociti-Jr, P Lisboa-Filho
  15. Safety of two novel light-curing units with bulk-fill composites. H Thanoon* N Silikas, DC Watts
  16. Co-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles decrease in-office tooth bleaching’s cytotoxicity. M Kury*, RAO Ribeiro, CA Souza Costa2, FLE Florez, V Cavalli
  17. Chemical and biological insights into the safety of intraoral appliances. J Wezgowiec*, H Czapor-Irzabek, A Malysa, J Kulbacka, M Wieckiewicz
  18. Selective laser melted pure titanium with trace additive Ti-6Al-4V powder: Effect of printing parameters, post heat-treatment on the mechanical properties and microstructure. A Saimi*
  19. Effect of Prosthetic Connection and Bone Height on Distribution of Microstrains in Unitary Implants. SF Tosta*, JF Campos, RS Nishioka
  20. Influence of radiopacified calcium silicate-based materials implantation on blood parameters. BF Moraes, JS Pereira, HC de Souza Nicolau, RC Santos, ACN Leutz, ACP Janini, LE Pelepenko, T Tartari, A de Jesus Soares, BPF de Almeida Gomes, MA Marciano*
  21. Effects of vehicles on the physical properties and biocompatibility of calcium silicate cements. G Son*, GM Seon, SH Choi, H-C Yang
  22. Abrasive wear of dentin by whitening toothpastes with different active agents. D Dionysopoulos*, S Papageorgiou, C Papadopoulos, S Davidopoulou, K Tolidis
  23. Apatite Formation of a Dental Composite with Boron Nitride Nanotubes. P Psuja*, E Yu, B Suh
  24. pH Modulation of a New Hybrid-RMGI Liner-Base and Pulp-Protectant Material. A Falsafi*, R Smith, G Wolfe, C Carrera, M Agre
  25. Digital vs. Analog: Evaluating Accuracy in Post-and-Core Restorations for Endodontically Treated Teeth. P Mourouzis*, D Dionysopoulos, K Tolidis
  26. Novel dental resin for cariogenic biofilm control: A comprehensive evaluation. ML Leite*, SS Karimi, RA de Oliveira Ribeiro, P Comeau, LE Bertassoni, CA de Souza Costa, AP Manso
  27. Weight and volume loss of CAD-CAM materials after chewing simulation. S Favero, K Santos, K Monteiro, N Silikas, P Cesar*
  28. Clinical evaluation of anterior composite restorations with variable translucency levels. CRG Torres*, RFA Pinatti, DF da Silva, JC Moreira, TC Pereira, V Ruano, MAR de Holanda, PCA Barros, RP Campos, TPP Wrzesinski, VG de Carvalho, MC Mailart, AB Borges
  29. Thermal Aging Effect on Impact Absorption in nylon-mesh Reinforced Mouthguards. T de Queiroz*, JP Tribst, LH Borro, A Borges, T Paes-Junior
  30. Effect of Extended Load on Impact in Mouthguards Containing Nylon-Mesh. TP Junior*, LH Borro, A Borges, T de Queiroz
  31. Bio-membranes scaffold: targeted and controlled carrier for drug delivery. M Toledano*, M Vallecillo-Rivas, M-A Serrera-Figallo, M Toledano-Osorio, CD Lynch, R Osorio, C Vallecillo
  32. Bioactive resins with S-PRG technology: Evaluation of antimicrobial properties. VS Hammes*, JP Rangel-Coelho, ACL Colombino, L Correr-Sobrinho, F Amaral, RT Basting, F Mantovani, KR Kantovitz
  33. Ultramorphological Analysis of Dentin Remineralization with Composites Containing DCPD-PILP. M Giannini*, AL Campos, FSM Rodrigues, S Habelitz, RR Braga
  34. Effect of ceramic staining on bond strength and surface morphology. CC Gonzaga*, MA Müller, RS Schelbauer, IF de Jesus, MM Paulart, KR Weber, M da Rosa Kaizer
  35. Influence of the method of removing the temporary cement. K Yoshihara*, T Washino, N Nagaoka, Y Maruo, Y Tsubota
  36. Restoration with ion-releasing materials after pH cycling: surface degradation and effects on cross-sectional microhardness of enamel and dentin. BGF Amaral*, LS Barros, MF Aguilar, FlHB Aguiar, CP Turssi, RT Basting, WF Vieira-Junior
  37. Microshear bond strength of bleached enamel after pretreatment with arginine or spray-dried chitosan. PO Miranda*, LS Barros, NIP Pini, MF Aguilar, FHB Aguiar, CP Turssi, RT Basting1, FLB Amaral, WF Vieira-Junior.
  38. The bond strength of semidirect restorations using different surface treatments. RR Silva*, CLD Peña, JB Machado, JK Rutz, T Ramos, FM Lauer, RRMoraes
  39. Three-axis load analysis of high-speed handpiece on dental training teeth. Y Shin*, D-G Seo, D Kim
  40. Monomer leakage from 3D-printed and milled temporary restorative materials. MA Sagen*, H Holm, L Grutle, H Wellendorf, S Uhlig, A Mulic
  41. Does the restorative design and material affect marginal, internal fit, interfacial volume, and fatigue behavior of indirect restorations? GKR Pereira*, RO Pilecco, L Rosa, A Baldi, R Vaz Machry, JPM Tribst, N Scotti, LF Valandro, CJ Kleverlaan
  42. Colorimetric Visualization of pH-Modulation for a New Liner/Base. M Agre*, R Smith, G Wolfe, E Tygart, T Dunbar, A Falsafi
  43. Shade Stability Study for Amine-free Dual-Cure Resin Cements. Q Ma*, A Triplett, E Yu, B Suh
  44. Fracture Toughness and Hardness of Additive and Subtractive Manufactured 3Y-TZP after Artificial Aging. A Fouda*, A Alhotan, C Bourauel
  45. Monolithic Dentures: The Single-Disc Material Innovation. T Pereira*, AP Almeida, B Campos, C Moreira, G Saavedra
  46. Wettability of titanium implants following different surface treatments. M Hatamleh*
  47. Clinical Outcomes and Failure Analysis of Intentional Replantation Using Fast-setting MTA with Atraumatic Extraction Forceps : A Retrospective study. Y Kim*, I-Y Jung
  48. Application of advance customized Jetting zirconium dioxide porcelain veneer in the aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth. Y Li*, B Liu, C Ma
  49. Preparation and evaluation of small intestinal submucosal composite nano-hydroxyapatite sponge. B Liu*, Y Li
  50. Effect of Load Removal on bonding of Resin Cement to CAD/CAM Composite. F El-Askary*, A Hassanien, N Tadros, S Botros, S Sauro
  51. Ageing of Mechanical Properties of 3D-printed Definitive Crowns. H Tayeb*, J Satterthwaite, N Silikas
  52. Carboxybetaine-copolymer post-treatment of 3D printed clear aligners imparts biofilm resistance with good optical translucency. U Mangal*, C Wu, S-H Choi
  53. Development of Li/Sr releasable bioactive glasses -In vitro evaluation of anti-inflammatory effect and bone regeneration. H Sakai*, J-I Sasaki, G Abe, T Kohno, N Funayama, HKitagawa, S Imazato
  54. Different post-curing methods influence dimensional accuracy of additively manufactured permanent crowns. J Cao*, X Liu, A Cameron, J Aarts, JJ Eun Choi
  55. Retreatment of oval-shaped root canals filled with Totalfill bioceramic or AH plus sealer. K Al Fouzan*
  56. The effect of dental material type and masticatory forces on periodontitis-derived subgingival microbiomes. C Montoya*, D Baraniya, N Al-Hebshi, S Orrego
  57. Influence of vegan toothpastes on enamel abrasion and erosion-abrasion. RV de Melo Carneiro*, CSS Coelho, CPM Tabchoury, LC de Lima, RM Garcia, T Scaramucci, V Cavalli
  58. Two-Year Clinical performance of Lithium Disilicate Versus Hybrid Resin Nano-Ceramic CAD/CAM Onlays restorations. A Hassan*, A Ali, WAl-Zordk, K Hamdi, S Mahmoud
  59. Nanotubes into glass ionomer optimize its mechanical properties after aging. MZ Picolo*, BG Pereira, FP Fernandes, ES Bronze-Ulhe, FMG França, FH Nociti-Jr, VC Gobbo, PNL Filho, KR Kantovitz
  60. Green Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for Enhanced Dental Composites. D Ezzat*, M Abdelmonem
  61. Acid buffering capacity of resin composites containing S-PRG fillers and surface properties when subjected to erosive and abrasive challenges. CAC Neto*, CRG Torres, RT Basting
  62. Effect of violet LED on the mechanical properties of demineralized dentin matrix submitted to hydrogen peroxide agents for in-office use. N Carlos, A Damázio, R Basting*
  63. Effects of experimental primers on composite adhesion to zirconia ceramics. VA Neto*, T Rifane, C André, A Zattera, G Balbinot, F Collares, M Giannini
  64. Effect of Glaze Polymerization Time on Color Stability of a Printed Resin After Staining with Red Wine. CE Pisco*, JN Martins, VL Ortega, RT Basting, FL Amaral
  65. Development of EGCG Loaded DNA Tetrahedron Carriers for Potential Oral Applications. C Duque, DA Chrisostomo, D Athanasiadou, KMM Carneiro, A Prakki*
  66. Improved reliability and cell viability maintenance on bovine HA/3Y-TZP bioceramic. AF Borges*, LJ Azevedo-Silva2, BM Ferrairo, KD Oliveira, CA Goulart, DG Soares, PN Lisboa-Filho, CA Fortulan
  67. Influence of activation protocols on dual-cured resin cement characteristics. PH dos Santos*, ME Queiroz, A Leme-Kraus, O Rysavy, AT Maluly-Proni, WG Assunção, CMP Vidal
  68. Influence of various cleaning solutions on the geometry, roughness, gloss, hardness, and flexural strength of 3D-printed zircônia. HX Cai*, M-Y Lee, HB Jia, J-S Kwon
  69. Unravelling the Programmed Inflammation and Tissue Repair by a Multipotential Antimicrobial (K21) Silane. U Daood*, M Sharjeel, S Bashir, N Yousuf, M Rashid, K Kaur, RA Bapat, M Nadeem, MR Pichika, K-K Mak, S Zhang, Z Sheikh, AS Khan, O Peters, JP Matinlinna
  70. Physio-chemical and Bioactive Properties of Experimental Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Containing Phosphate Groups. K Tsuchiya*, S Sauro, H Sano, M Yamauti, S Hoshika, Y Toida, A Tomokiyo
  71. Nanocomposite magnetic hydrogel with dual anisotropic properties induces osteogenesis through the NOTCH-dependent pathways. S Tang*, F Zhang
  72. Long-term bonding of neat hydrophobic-rich resins to dry-etched dentin. Omar Ismail*, T Stape, M Capitanio, A Tezvergil-Mutluay
  73. Definitive vs. Provisional 3D Printed Restorative Resin Materials. S Mudhaffer*, J Satterthwaite, N Silikas
  74. Energy for Interphase Fracture of Multilayered Zirconia in Mixed Mode Test. B Cruz, K Barbosa, T Campos, N Ramos, Y Zhang, R Marinho*
  75. Comparison of 1D and 2D-CNNs for AE-Based Zirconia Crack Classification. K Tuntiwong*, P Phasukkit, S Tungjitkusolmun, K Kanchanatawewat
  76. Dental Implant Stability Quotient in Simulated Bone of Varying Quality. A Morgan*, K Jodha, F Mourad, J Griggs
  77. Copper-Zinc Nanoparticles in a Universal Adhesive for Interface Preservation: in-situ. CC González-Vaca*, R Ñaupari-Villasante, TT Maske, MF Gutiérrez, A Dávila-Sánchez, AD Loguercio
  78. A doped-nanogel counteracts the effect of bacterial lipopolysaccharide on osteoblasts. MToledano-Osorio, E Luna-Bertos, M Toledano, FJ Manzano-Moreno, C Ruiz, M Sanz, R Osorio*
  79. Ability of a novel primer to accelerate and increase the degree of conversion of a chemically cured resin composite. J Guarneri*, R Price, C Maucoski, Soheil Ghaffari, B McNeil
  80. Exposure reciprocity can exist in some new resin-based composites up to 4,000 mW/cm2. R Price*, A Gareau, D Labrie
  81. Design and assessment of CAD/CAM graded ceramic-reinforced resin post-and-core system. J Yun*, Y Wang
  82. Artemisinin regulates proliferation, apoptosis and inflammatory response of human dental pulp stem cells. X Dong*, Y Sui, X Meng
  83. Curing Depth and Thermographic Change of Light-Activated Pulp Capping Materials. K-H Lee*, I-B Lee
  84. Evaluating the color stability of polylactic acid for temporary restorations. M- Jeon*, S-O Hwang, J-S Ahn
  85. Examining the stress condition in Thermocycling and Mechanical Loading: An FEM Investigation. A Eser*, M Reinhardt, G Zellweger-Rainer, A Peschke
  86. Enamel-inspired dental composite using electrospun nanofibers. A Nouri*, N Nasiri, S Shahabi, SK Javadi
  87. Should we polish or glaze multilayer zirconia? C Johansson*, C Larsson, E Papia
  88. Setting Reactions of Dual-Setting Dually Cured, Bulk-Fill material: FTIR Spectroscopic Analysis. K Anastasiadis*, M Nassar
  89. Effect of low-temperature degradation on the fatigue performance of dental strength-gradient multilayered zirconia restorations. K Zhao*, K Cai
  90. Enhancing PEEK Dental Implants: Biomimetic and Natural Extracts Coating Combinations. L Singer*, C Bourauel, N Silikas, M Borba
  91. GIC particles pre-reacted with chlorhexidine: Physical/chemical, rheological and antimicrobial properties. F Gomes, PV Ferreira, T Oliveira, RC Macedo, B Oliveira, T Leitão, J Bauer*
  92. Effect of Mechanical Instrumentation on Titanium Implant Surface Properties. M Alabbad*, N Silikas, A Thomas
  93. Quantifying Enamel Surface Structure Changes Associated with Erosion using PIC-XRF. HL Ooi*, D Bartlett, A Leblanc, S Sirovica, O Addison
  94. Hoop-strength approach to marginal fractures in crown-like zirconia model geometries. U Lohbauer*, J Mayer, S Wartzack, R Belli
  95. Interfacial gap of zirconia restoration with self-curing resin cements and adhesive treatment. S-H Han*, Y Shimada, A Sadr
  96. Aging of polymer-based composites depending on their surface finishing. N Ilie*
  97. Janus Sponge/electrospun Fibre Composite Combined with EGF/bFGF/CHX Promotes Reconstruction in Oral Tissue Regeneration. H Chen*
  98. Novel Fluormica Glass-Ceramics for Dental CAD/CAM Applications. M Rashwan*, R Hill, N Karpukhina
  99. Impact of Enamel Contamination on the Adhesive Strength of Orthodontic Attachments Subjected to In Vitro Aging. EJ Soares*, AA Amorim, F Panzeri
  100. Light-Curing Influences Biofilm Susceptibility of Universal Resin Composite Cements. U Josic*, A Ionescu, T Maravic, Mazzitelli, M Cadenaro, E Brambilla, E Mancuso, C D’Alessandro, A Mazzoni, L Breschi
  101. Resin-based adhesives, composites, and luting agents: A cross-sectional study of article citations and altmetrics. F Lauer*, R Silva, L Sartori, J Machado, G Cardoso, K Collares, R Moraes
  102. Silane and Surface Treatment Effects on Polymer Bond Strength. TS Porto*, J Ceballos
  103. Effects of TPO concentration on photo-polymerizable resin for 3D Printing: Mechanical, physicochemical, and biological properties. E Gaviolli, F Collares, G Balbinot, V Leitune*
  104. 4YSZ Fatigue Performance: Internal Finishing, Polishing, and Surface Treatments. AC Cadore-Rodrigues*, KF Teixeira, PM Soares, LF Souza, G Bauken, FC Maidana, GKR Pereira, LF Valandro
  105. Novel Photopolymerization and Fiber Post System: mechanical and biological evaluation. LH Borro*, LC Gomes, TS de Queiroz, LJ Nakano, L de Siqueira, LM de Vasconcellos, TJ de Arruda Paes Jr
  106. Enhanced Osteodifferentiation in PLLA Scaffolds Enriched with Magnesium and Strontium-Doped Hydroxyapatite. RM Letomai, KM Barbosa, F Gonçalves*
  107. Development of Nb2O5 sub-micron fibers for dental resin reinforcement application. TA Simões*, R da Silva Cardoso, JE Filho, PP Maciel, LR Figueiredo
  108. 6-year Clinical Trial of Copper Adhesive in Non-Carious Cervical Lesions. R Aliaga-Gálvez*, R Ñaupari-Villasante, B Carpio-Salvatierra, TPMatos, M Wendlinger, A Reis2, A Loguercio, MF Gutiérrez
  109. High-strength 3D-printing of zirconia for ultra-thin dental prosthesis. W Zhao*, H Ding, S Manzoor, JK-H Tsoi
  110. Influence Of Endodontic Cavity Design on Interfacial Voids, Class II Resin Composites sealing ability and tooth Fracture Resistance: An In Vitro study. A Assalman, F Alonizan, K Almulhim, M Abdalla, DKaisarly, M Elgezawi*
  111. Effect of Aging Treatment on Fracture Properties of Multilayer Zirconia. T-T Chen*, C-Y Liu, H-H Huang
  112. Pigmentation and whitening processes in resin-composite superficial and sub-superficial layers. F Cinelli*, L Franchi, L Giachetti
  113. Tensile Bond Strength of Luting Cements under Saliva Contamination. E Shida*, K Tanaka, T Sato
  114. Gingival soft tissue integrative zirconia abutments with high fracture toughness and LTD-resistance. Q Li*, X Wang, K Zhao
  115. Influence of Filling Technique on Fracture Resistance of Giomer-Restored Mod Cavities. DE Eldin*, A Saad, DS Mustafa
  116. Stress distribution of various class II restorations using linear/nonlinear FEA. Y-H Yu, J-Y Park*, M-J Jeon, S-J Shin, J-Y Lee, J-W Park
  117. Accuracy of full-arch implant scans using two dental stereophotogrammetry. G Marchesi*, A Espen, AC Piloni, E Clozza
  118. Should the Crown Fracture Test for CAD-CAM Monolithic Molar Crowns be Abolished or Standardized? A Systematic Review and Finite Element Analysis. N Miranda, I Gialain, R Ballester, B Hernandez, A Fok, J Meira*
  119. Film thickness of multiple-use all-in-one adhesive systems applied for immediate-dentin-sealing. T Maseki*, T Ito, K Furuki, R Sugiyama, M Nakazawa, M Komoto, M Maeno
  120. A comprehensive analysis of bone regeneration mechanisms: histomorphometric and transcriptomic approach, first results. L Marger, M Freudenreich, M Mekki, S Scherrer, S Durual*
  121. Zirconia Surfaces with Silk Fibroin Microgrooves Enhance Connective Tissue Sealing by Mediating Fibroblast Glycolysis. X Jia*, Y Yan, K Zhao
  122. Shear bond strength of relining material containing nano S-PRG filler. A Sunami*, M Inokoshi, M Tamura, R Takahashi, M Kanazawa
  123. Polymerization and Shrinkage Kinetics of Dental Composites Reinforced with Clay-Nanofillers. A Nikolaidis*, D Achilias, E Koulaouzidou
  124. Bulk-Fill versus Bioactive Ionic Resin Restorative Systems:2-Year Randomized Prospective Clinical Evaluation in Posterior Teeth and Micromorphological Analysis of Restoration/Dentin Interface In Vitro. A Raghip*, J Comisi, H Hosni, S Hasab
  125. Grain size distribution of machinable fully-sintered dental zirconia. R Iwase*, M Inokoshi, H Nakai, K Yoshihara, M Kanazawa
  126. On-demand production of highly filled composite restorations via direct-ink writing. P-C Tseng*, H Chen, K-H Kunzelmann
  127. Depth of Cure of Experimental Dental Composites Containing new BisGMA Analog. A Alrahlah*, A-B Al-Odayni, W Saeed, R Khan
  128. Accuracy of denture teeth anatomy manufactured with different digital technologies. L Ciocca, M Maltauro, V Kravets*, P Baldissara, A Montanari, L Anderlucci, R Meneghello
  129. Comparative Performance of Anterior Resin-Based Composites: An Evaluation of Mechanical Properties, Polymerization Behavior, and Aesthetic Outcomes. L Bin-Jardan*, L Almutairi, D Almadani, M Alessa, H Almoabid, A Balhaddad, B Alhumaidi, A Alhussein, MA Melo
  130. 3D-Printed Zirconia: Mechanics and Microstructure Study under Various Sintering Orientations. Q Jia*, J Xu, Y Liang, L Jiao, H Sun, K-M Kim, HB Jiang, J-S Kwon
  131. Wear analysis of high-translucency zirconia discs after cyclic chewing simulation. S-F Chuang*
  132. Clinical study of fully- and semi-adjustable digital articulators for complete dentures. L Ciocca*, R Meneghello, F Tozzi, M Maltauro, E Vargiu, A Montanari, L Anderlucci
  133. The influence of milling protocols on the fatigue behavior of different CAD-CAM materials. RO Pilecco*, MG Packaeser, JPM Tribst, CM Serrano, LF Valandro, CJ Kleverlaan, GKR Pereira
  134. Cold Plasma-Modified Zirconia Abutments Enhance Connective Tissue Integration. T Ng*, J Wang, X Jia
  135. Enhancing Angiogenesis in Peri-Implant Soft Tissue with Bioactive Silk Fibroin Microgroove Coatings on Zirconia Surfaces. Z Wang*, X Jia, K Zhao
  136. Effects of Resin bonding using all-in-one adhesive on 3Y, 4Y, 5Y, self-glazed and 3D-printed zirconia. S Manzoor*, W Zhao, H Ding, JKH Tsoi
  137. Monomer And Biodegradation By-Products Released from Experimental Adhesive Resins After Esterase Exposure. R Gandham, H Wang, R Hiers, J Leidner, S Chen, FE Florez, J Fernandes, S Khajotia*
  138. Construction of a coral-like barium titanate piezoelectric coating and it’s osteogenic properties. C Ma*, Yi Li
  139. Effect of ceria-based coloring liquid on the properties of dental zirconia. S Gali*, S Gururaja
  140. Flavonoid-Based Primer Effects on Adhesion to Caries-Affected-Dentin and Antibacterial Activity. BO Sahadi*, T Rifane, FF Silva, C André, M Bottino, M Giannini
  141. Evaluation of the surfaces of CAD/CAM composites after adjustment and polishing: Surface roughness, gloss and scanning electron microscopy analysis. MB Ahmed*, FP Rodrigues, D Wood, A Altaie
  142. Investigation of Flexural Properties and Finite Element Analysis of Innovative 3D-Printed Ceramic Materials. A Alshamrani*, A Fahimipour, A Ellakwa, M Alsarani
  143. Color change in direct tooth veneers submitted to bleaching protocols. A VF Quadra*, CP Turssi, FM França, WF Vieira Jr, RT Basting
  144. Dentin remineralization using a biomimetic analogue and a CaP-containing composite. A Campos*, S Habelitz, R Braga
  145. Systematic studies on acidic challenges to CAD/CAM fibre-reinforced resin composites. R Babaier*, DC Watts, E Säilynoja
  146. Biofilm formation of composites with DCPD particles loaded with chlorhexidine. L Dias, A Merlin, L Sanches, L Silva, L Boaro*
  147. Corrosion Behavior of SLM Pure Ti and Ti-6Al-4V in Artificial Saliva with Different Temperature. Z Wenna*, L Xiaoping, H Junjie, A Saimi
  148. Evaluation of Crack Formation on Ceramic Laminate Veneers Post-Cementation. LM Soares*, VA Neto, D Funabashi, B Fronza, R Braga, F Rueggeberg, R Hirata, M Giannini
  149. Bonding of universal adhesives to partially stabilized zirconia. PM Moreira*, V Araujo-Neto, IB Montagner, M Giannini
  150. A WNT-loaded Injectable Hydrogel for Dentin-pulp Complex Regeneration. IS Araujo*, R Perkins, W Zhang, S Krum, G Huang
  151. Microscopic analysis of non-thermal atmospheric plasma-treated Streptococcus mutans biofilm. G Nima*, RD Hiers, S Khajotia, M Giannini, FL Florez
  152. Effect of smoke on color and surface properties of composites. F Pavan*, BD Balda, E Gherlone, G Cantatore, G Paolone
  153. Wear mechanisms of thin dental composites. M Osiewicz*, A Werner, FJM Roeters, CJ Kleverlaan
  154. Evaluation of enamel surface loss on anterior direct restorations after removal with Er:YAG laser and rotatory instruments. L Pereira*, J Monção, M Hasan, M Romano, E Santos, S Amaral
  155. Longitudinal clinical evaluation of in-office dental bleaching with violet LED (405-410nm). MC Silva*, E Mayer-Santos, A Brugnera Jr, PM de Freitas
  156. Chemical, Physical and Biological Evaluations of 3D-Printing Resins Containing NF-TiO2. B Romano*, GS Balbinot, FM Collares, FL Florez, M Giannini
  157. Distance effect on depth of cure and microhardness of composites. D dos Santos*, B Romano, V Pecorari, R Price, M Giannini
  158. Bond strength evaluation of non-carious teeth restored with different adhesive protocols after cavity preparation performed with high power laser (Er:YAG) or high-speed burs. E Mayer-Santos*, LM Pereira, MC Pereira, T Maravic, L Breschi, P Freitas
  159. Bioinspired Surface Modifications for the Advanced Denture Retentive Systems. E Dzinovic*, L Clark, N Keyhani, N Al Morhiby, Y Liu, N Rosik, S Wang, F Giuliani, Z Zhang, N Pugno, O Addison, S Elsharkawy
  160. 3D Printed Personalized Facemask for Early Treatment of the Class III Malocclusion: a Feasibility Study. J Juloski*, J Juloski, C Goracci, P Marti, F Lampus, C Bosoni, A Vichi, L Franchi
  161. Color stability, sorption and roughness of CAD/CAM and high-flow resin-composites. C Kusumasari*, MM Gala, A Rizk, A Abdou
  162. Curing Time Evaluation of 4-META/MMA-TBB Resin as Restorative Materials. M Kikuta*, M Inokoshi, M Yamamoto, M Kanazawa
  163. Zirconia Crystals: A Superior Antimicrobial Effect Compared to Silver Glass. AC Silva*, J Silva, SMS Marocho, J Griggs, TM Campos, RM Marinho
  164. Clinical Evaluation of Organically Modified Ceramic vs Heavy Flowable Composite Restorations. M Ali*, A Abdalla
  165. Bleaching gels with NF_TiO2 and violet LED: randomized clinical trial. P Melo*, M Benati, I Matos, G Santos, M Kury, FE Florez, V Cavalli
  166. Stress Distribution of Customized Chin Cup by Finite Element Analysis. J Lee*, D Kim
  167. Clinical Evaluation of Direct and Indirect Composite Resin Restorations: Two Years Results. S Ali*, A Abdalla
  168. Implantoplasty: A Study on Its Effects on Titanium Dental Implants’ Microstructure and Fatigue Resistance. B Santos*, B Souza, CN Elias, I Moura, C Ferreira
  169. Testing a semi-quantitative monomer ratio prediction model using ATR-FTIR. AHS Delgado*, S Machado, L Proença
  170. Debonding assessment of high-translucency zirconia discs after cyclic chewing simulation. C-L Li*, T-L Lee, S-F Chuang
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