Registration for the ADM 2024 Meeting is OPEN…

Registration Fees (in US Dollars)

If you prefer to pay with a “check”, you must download, complete and mail Registration Form to the ADM Administration Office – [email protected]
Link to >> PDF Registration Form

Note: If your credit card is declined, please contact your credit card company to allow the International Transaction.

**ADM Members from low income and low-middle/upper middle-income countries receive a discounted registration fee (not applicable for student members).  Please see eligible countries**
Link to>> eligible low income countries
Link to>> eligible low middle and upper middle income countries
Contact ADM Admin for special link to complete meeting registration at discounted fee – [email protected] 

*Student Non-Members must provide a signed confirmation letter of current student status on university letterhead from either a sponsoring member or their learning institute AND submit ADM Student Verification Form.  Individuals who already hold a PhD degree are not eligible for Student Registration.


Elective events require a reservation. Attendance for these events are limited and based on availability.

    • ADM Welcome Reception / Wednesday, October 2, 2024 18:30- 20:30
      Join the Academy for the 2024 welcome reception at the Centro Congressi Lingotto.
      This will be an evening to meet your old acquaintances and make new ones.
      Welcome Reception is included in the ADM Registration Fee – only those with a meeting badge will be allowed to attend.


    • LUNCH & LEARNS – Thursday, October 3, 2024; Time: 1:45pm-3:00pm
      Registration will be open for students only until August 23rd.
      Open to all registrants after August 23rd depending on availability.
      Student Cost $25 / Non-Student Cost $50 – Seats are limited to 11 per Lunch & Learn

      Lunch and Learn Session 
      – Location: Northern Foyer (Garden of Wonders)
      Link to >>Descriptions
      #1: Vinicius Rosa- Essentials and Tips for Testing Biological Properties of Materials
      #2: Vesna Miletic– Clinical Techniques Affecting Material Properties – Where are the Red Lines?
      #3: Hilde Molvig Kopperud– Leaching and Analysis of Polymer-Based Materials
      #4: Salvatore Sauro– Why Should We Consider the use of “Bioactive” Materials in Modern Dentistry?
      #5: Jukka Matinlinna– Dental Implant Surfaces Tomorrow

      #6: Ana Bedran-Russo- Chemical and Mechanical Methods to Study Teeth and Adhesive Interfaces


    • Networking Social Dinner at Museo dell’Automobile / Friday, October 4, 2024 19:00-22:30… 
      The Academy has arranged for a spectacular networking dinner event at Museo dell’Automobile.
      Plan on joining your colleagues for an evening of dinner and camaraderie.
      Cost: Adults $75/ Students $40 / Child (ages 6-12) $40   (Prices subject to change when Registration opens)

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Conference Cancellation and Refund Policy

All conference registrations are subject to the following Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Cancellation: The Academy of Dental Materials (ADM) reserves the right to cancel, shorten, delay, or otherwise alter or change the meeting at their discretion. If the entire meeting is cancelled the sole obligation of the ADM is to refund fees paid to the ADM for the meeting. If the meeting is delayed, shortened or otherwise altered or changed the ADM shall make registration refunds on a case-by-case basis at the sole and absolute discretion of the ADM and is under no obligation to refund conference registration fees. Fees will only be refunded to the person who paid fees, by the same method as the original payment (i.e. credit card, check, etc.) and in the case of a credit card only to the same credit card used to pay fees. The ADM is not liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, exemplary, punitive, or damages of any other kind, regardless of the nature of the cause of action that may be asserted. The ADM is not responsible and shall not pay for costs associated with travel, airfare, lodging, food, transportation or other costs or losses incurred by a registrant in connection with the meeting or as a result of the meeting being canceled, shortened, delayed, or otherwise altered or changed. Registrants are solely responsible for such costs and losses and it is recommended that registrants consider purchasing sufficient insurance to cover such costs and losses. Under no circumstances shall the ADM liability to any registrant exceed the registration fees paid by the registrant to ADM in connection with the meeting.

Refunds: Requests for refunds must be made in writing by the deadline date, which is 6 weeks prior to the start of the meeting; telephone cancellations will NOT be accepted. Refunds or credits will not be given for failure to attend, late arrival, unattended events or early departure. Refunds will be processed as soon as possible, but no later than 8 weeks after the meeting. If you submit a written cancellation request prior to the deadline, a refund will be issued less a $50 cancellation fee.

For the 2024 ADM annual meeting the following deadline dates apply:
On or before August 23, 2024: Refund less $50
After August 23, 2024: No refund